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Arrested Development trivia with 62 available questions. Each new game questions are randomized to make sure every game is unique!

Arrested Development
62 Available questions

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What does George Michael try and buy from Gob for Buster?

What is a Gob Banana'?

What is Gobs full name?

Who is "the one son who had no choice but to keep them all together"?

Maggie Lizer, played by Julia Louis-Dreyfus, has what relationship with the Bluth family?

What is the name of the family on "Arrested Development"?

What is the name of the banana stand related character created by Gob?

What is the name of the series of religious tapes that George Sr. created in prison?

What was the family business where George Michael worked in seasons 1-2?

At the end of the second season, only one child of the Bluth family has never been married. What is their name?

What was the name of Lindsays anti-circumcision movement?

When George Sr. passes Michael over for head of the company, Michael decides to move where?

Who is Tobiass acting coach?

Which character played the role of George Sr. on the TV show, "Scandalmakers"?

Who plays George Bluth Sr.?

The oldest Bluth child is a magician. Which child is this?

Which "SNL" cast member played G.O.B.s daredevil wife?

Michael, played by Jason Bateman, is left in charge after his father is sent to prison. What is the name of his 13-year-old son?

We all know Maeby and George Michael are cousins (well not really, but I digress) but who is also their cousin?

According to Tobias, how many members of German Parliament are Never-nudes?

What was the name of Maebys fictitious dying twin?

During the first hearing of George Sr., who interrupts by fighting in the court room?

According to Tobias, what shouldnt take all the blame for Tobias and Lindsay's marital problems, but sure didn't help?

What is not the name of an experimental drug?

Who was Lindsay married to when the series began?

Which member of the family spends the first season in jail and the second season hiding in the attic?

Buster thought the skull his archeological group was excavating belonged to a what?

Who is a master of disguise and used by the Bluth family as a P.I.?

What is "Love, Indubitably"?

Who once made up a twin sister called Surely in order to get money?

What famous personality plays the new warden who allows Tobias to reasearch the "frightened inmate number two" role?

The "Balboa Bay _______" was a magazine which featured Buster and Lucille on the cover (more than once).

How did Buster lose his hand?

Which Bluth family member has a mother named Tracey?

Lucille applies for adoption to teach Buster a lesson for what?

Buster is in love with his mothers rival, Lucille. Which celebrity plays Lucille, Buster's girlfriend?

Gob was once a member of what stripper organization?

Who did not attend the Milford School?

What is the name of Tobiass illness?

Which character is a doctor, but tried to become an actor?

What is Kittys last name?

The familys lawyer, Barry Zuckerkorn, played by Winkler, is famous for playing which role on "Happy Days"?

What pronoun is frequently used in regards to Anne Veal?

What was Gobs proposed slogan for the Bluth Company at one point?

Who played Michaels attorney girlfriend who faked being blind?

Who is famous for being the family drinker?

Barry, the incompetent Bluth family lawyer played by Henry Winkler, had his car smashed by what?

When Maeby receives a bad grade in school, what is her punishment?

What is Ritas uncle always doing?

What was the name of the family yacht before Gob destroyed it?

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