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Avatar The Last Airbender
606 Available questions

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Chapter Eleven: The Desert' Iroh reveals that he has connections using a move performed in what game?

Chapter One: The Avatar State' How is General Fong able to trigger the Avatar State in Aang?

Chapter Eleven: The Great Divide' What, exactly, is the Great Divide?

What is the name of the earthbender who appears in the opening introduction of every episode of "Avatar: The Last Airbender"?

What is the name given to the brainwashed lady whose responsibility is to take care of team Avatar?

What element does Aang bend originally?

In "The Blue Spirit", while Sokka was sick, who did he say was hilarious?

When Toph is teaching Aang Earthbending, what phrase does she use to describe exactly what Aang has to do?

What was the first Airbending talent showed by Aang?

How many elements can Toph bend?

In the very beginning of the episode what joke does Sokka make about his fishing skills after Aang comments about the polluted water?

In the beginning of the episode what does Team Avatar disguise themselves as, when they are approaching the Fire Nation?

Whose tale is told first in this episode?

In the begining after being referred to as "Naked Guy", Sokka says, "I could be ready in ___ minutes, seriously whenever." How many minutes does Sokka need to get ready?

What is the name of the Earth Kingdoms capital city?

What air temple did Guru Pathik live at?

According to this episode, when did Hakoda (Kataras father) leave their village?

Who was Sokkas first girlfriend?

How many sisters did Ty Lee have?

Which episode is not about Toph?

What does Sokka name the strange animal he meets while stuck from the neck down in a crack?

What did the woman name the baby she gave birth to after crossing the Serpents Pass?

When Sokka and Zuko are in the war balloon, where are they going?

According to the season two episode "The Desert", who knocks at the garden gate?

Who is Prince Zukos sister?

What was Irohs son's name?

"Arent you cold?"

Before Aang ran away, he overheard that the Air Nomad monks were going to send him to a certain place to continue his Avatar training. Which place did they want to send him to?

Which character is NOT a bender?

What did Sokka want to do with Momo when he and Aang were chasing him?

From "The Waterbending Scroll", what Pai Sho tile does Iroh say he is looking for?

In the episode "The Library", when Toph and Appa were waiting for the gang, what did Toph say to try and start some conversation?

In the theme song opening who is the person that waterbends?

From "The King of Omashu", what is the name that Katara uses to get past the guards to enter the city?

Which air temple is Appa from?

From "The Boy in the Iceberg", how many boys were in the group when Sokka was talking to them about being warriors?

The cavalry of the Earth Kingdom mainly uses which animal?

In which village did Katara say: "NO! I will never ever turn my back on people who need me!"

In the first season, how many braids are in Kataras hair?

What line comes next? "Leaves from the vine, falling so slow."

What tea flavor did Uncle Iroh tell Zuko was his favorite?

"Water is cool and soothing, Earth is steady and stable..."

- Katara and Sokka find an old friend- Aang eats stewed sea prunes - A map is crushed and stolen

In the episode "The Library", the group and a professor travel to Wan Shi Tongs library. What university is the professor from?

In what season of "Avatar" did the gang meet Toph?

What kind of benders are Lo and Li?

Why do Sokka and Zuko go to the highest security prison in the Fire Nation?

When Aang wakes up, what does he see which makes him shocked?

Who was Aangs mentor?

My father scarred me on the face.Now the Avatar is who I chase.

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