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Breaking Bad
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Hank, Walts brother-in-law, is a DEA agent. What does DEA stand for?

Walter Whites transformation from nerdy high school chemistry teacher to criminal kingpin all started with what specific medical diagnosis?

When Walter White is diagnosed with cancer and decides to make methamphetamine for money, he approaches former student Jesse Pinkman to help him distribute the product. What does he threaten to do if Jesse refuses to go into business?

What color is the infamous box cutter that Gus uses to slash Victors throat?

Walter White led a pretty normal life in the south-western part of the United States. All this changed after receiving a cancer diagnoses. Which state does the show take place in?

What are the last words spoken in the series?

Jesse Pinkman is a former student of Walter Whites that he recruits to help him with his drug empire because of his experience in the illegal drug scene. What nickname does Jesse go by before he joins up with Mr. White?

As drug dealers are wont to do, Walt and Jesse kill two rivals. Walt decides to dispose of one of the bodies in acid, but Jesses error causes it to go horribly wrong. What did Jesse do wrong (besides murder and drug dealing)?

While convalescing from the shootout with the Salamanca twins, what does Hank start collecting?

Walter White is the main character in the show. What is the name of the actor who portrays him?

In the opening scenes of the episode "Dead Freight" we see Drew Sharp collecting a spider in a glass jar. What happened to the spider?

Jane is the next door neighbor of Jesse who becomes his love interest in season 2 of "Breaking Bad." What is the occupation of Janes father, who becomes the subject of a major plot line in the final episode of the season?

After taking care of Emilio, Walter kills Krazy-8 after much hesitation. What finally made up Walters mind to kill Krazy-8?

Marie has regressed back into kleptomania, and now she attends open houses where she makes up stories about her homelife and takes mementos. A realtor remembers her from a previous house and accuses her of stealing a commemorative state what?

Walts son, Walter Junior, has cerebral palsy. Walt's wife, Skyler, is pregnant. After learning of his grim prognosis, Walt is concerned about his family's financial future. What drug does he decide to manufacture and sell in hopes of providing for his family?

Walt makes his first big deal with Gus while Skyler is delivering their baby. Walt finally makes it to the hospital and asks the nurse where Skyler is. What room is she in?

At the beginning of the series, Walter must work a second job at a car wash to make ends meet. Later in the series, Walt and Skyler buy the car wash as a money laundering front for Walts criminal activities. What is the name of this car wash?

Hank gets his first, unwitting, clue that Walter is the meth cooker when he discovers a piece of lab equipment in the desert and has it analyzed. What does Hank discover that leads back to Walter?

What country is Gus from originally?

Walts brother-in-law's job promises to provide the show with some drama. Which government agency does Hank work for?

What kind of car does Gretchen drive?

Gustavo Fring is a successful operator of Los Pollos Hermanos chicken restaurants, but he is also secretly the kingpin of an enormous southwestern United States drug empire. What South American country is Gustavo originally from?

After Walter Jr. is arrested for trying to buy beer underage, what does Hank tell him is "not cool"?

While waiting in the refrigerated truck, Mike gets grazed by a bullet in what body part?

Walt decides he needs some help because he knows very little about the drug culture. Sure he can make the drugs with his knowledge of chemistry, but he doesnt know the first thing about selling it. Who does he first recruit to help distribute the drugs?

In the episode "Full Measure", Mike goes to Sauls office to get an address for Jesse. After Saul goes to get a coffee, Mike finds "Buckingham Trailer Court" written on a scratch pad on Saul's desk. Where is the trailer court?

Elliot Schwartz is a friend of Walter Whites who now runs a hugely successful technology company that Walter helped start. What is the name of the company that was invented by combining the surnames of Elliot and Walter?

Walts former colleague, Elliot Schwartz, offers him a job. Why does Walter turn Elliot down?

Skyler concocts a story to justify being able to buy the carwash. From what casino game has Walt supposedly made all of his money?

Walt needs a quiet, private place to actually manufacture the drugs. Its not like he can just cook them up in his backyard. After receiving advice from his new partner, where do they first decide to make the product?

When Hank takes Walt, Jr. to Pollos Hermanos, he intends to somehow get Gus fingerprints. When Gus asks them if they would like a refill, Hank finds his chance. What drink does Hank ask for?

When Walters brother-in-law and DEA agent Hank shows Walter the chemistry notebook that was discovered in Gale's apartment, which person does Hank NOT theorize may be represented by the mysterious initials "W.W.?"

As the cost of Walters cancer treatment mounts, Skyler is forced to go back to work, and gets her old job back. Why does her sister think this is shocking?

What 80s one hit wonder did Gale karaoke on the tape Hank shows to Walt?

After an unfortunate experience with their original distributors, who do Walt and his partner start doing business with next?

What is Jesses blood type?

Saul Goodman is a criminal defense lawyer with his face all over town and uses the catchphrase "Better Call Saul!" Later, he becomes Walters personal lawyer and suggests that Walter may want to use a "guy" he has that can make Walter disappear. What is the type of business that serves as a front for this disappearance service?

When Jesse goes home, his parents are doubtful he is clean and are very supicious of his influence on his younger brother. Why do they wind up kicking him out of the house?

Walt convinces Hank that the W.W. initials in Gales lab notes stand for whom?

Walt doesnt want to use his real name when conducting drug-related business. He decides to use a street name, or pseudonym. What scientific name does he go by?

In the episode "Buyout", Jesse enjoys dinner at Walts house with Walt and Skyler. He especially likes the green beans with slivered almonds. Where did they come from?

Lydia is a character introduced later in the series that serves as a corporate connection for Walter to obtain materials needed for drug manufacturing. What substance is Lydia always asking for, for her tea, that eventually ends up being linked to her likely death in the final episode of the series?

Walter and Jesse start out cooking methamphetamine using pseudoephedrine, a cold medicine, as their main precursor chemical. However, it gets increasingly difficult to obtain "pseudo" in sufficient quantity. What do Walter and Jesse do?

Who was Gus partner in Los Pollos Hermanos and was killed by Hector "Tio" Salamanca?

After another unfortunate incident with their second distributor, Walts partner puts together a small crew to sell the drugs. Who is NOT a member of the crew?

In what year was Walt awarded an award for his contributing research that led to a Nobel Prize?

An M-60 machine gun rigged to the trunk of a car and a remote control system are used by Walter White in the final episode to exact revenge on Jack Welker and his men. Who is the lone survivor of this final confrontation?

Having killed their first distributors, Walt and Jesse have to partner with a new dealer, Tuco. Unfortunately, Tuco is a vicious sociopath who beats and robs Jesse of the sample meth he brought. What does Walt do in response?

What does Walt NOT do with Walt Jrs Dodge Challenger?

After Badgers arrest, Walt hires a shady lawyer to help with the situation. What is this crooked lawyer's name?

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