Brooklyn Nine-Nine Trivia

Brooklyn Nine-Nine trivia with 35 available questions. Each new game questions are randomized to make sure every game is unique!

Brooklyn Nine-Nine
35 Available questions

Available Questions

Each game your questions will randomized

Where did Terry once live when pursuing a college education?

What hidden talent did Terry have?

Which member of the squad likes to stay in the office rather than in the line of fire?

Who disappeared after the pilot of the show and was never seen again?

Who is the jokester of the precinct?

What is Jake's favorite movie?

Which member of the precinct often uses pseudonyms?

Which member of the squad was almost married in Season Two?

What happened at Jake and Amy's wedding in Season Five?

Who plays the role of Gina Linetti?

What number is the precinct in the show?

What other show shares the same producer with "Brooklyn Nine-Nine"?

What did Charles receive after being shot?

Where was Charles' adopted son from?

What is Gina's job in the precinct?

Who did Amy get married to?

Which member of the precinct had their car stolen?

Is it true or false that two of Terry's daughters are named after a television show?

Who held Thanksgiving for everyone at the precinct?

How many brothers does Amy have?

Who is hit by a bus in Season Four?

What was "giggle pig"?

Which two members of the squad had their parents marry each other?

Who leaves at the end of Season Two?

Who passed away at the beginning of Season Three?

Which actor plays the role of Jake Peralta?

Which of the following people have guest starred on the show?

Who gave birth in Season Three?

Where are Jake and Raymond relocated to at the end of Season Three?

Who is the Pontiac Bandit?

What are Jake and Rosa found guilty of in Season Four?

What did Adrian and Rosa almost do in Season Four?

What type of business did Charles have in Season Five?

Which occassion is always celebrated in each season?

What rank was Amy promoted to in Season Five?