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What year was Fry shoved into a freezing chamber?

What is Professor Farnsworths brother's name?

What is Frys physical age?

When Santa Claus came to visit the Planet Express crew, Zoidberg was the only person to receive a present. What did he receive from Santa?

I am a great fiddle player because of my excellent hands. I am the head of an operation that is headquartered in New Jersey, and I once spent some time in jail.

Well start with the basics: What is Dr. Zoidberg's first name?

I am a captain for the DOOP, although I am not a very good one. I consider the lives of my men to be expendable and will let them drink beer in their underpants all day as long as they are "loyal".

What is Frys full name?

What is Leelas full name?

I have been the ruler of both Nintendoo 64 and Omicron Persei 8. I once ate a bad hippie that made me hallucinate. My children were once an irresistable snack for the humans.

I was sent 1000 years in to the future. My first name is Phil and I was a pizza delivery boy before I came to this time.

By the series end, who had Fry married?

Which character was once Farnsworths student at Mars University and is now his rival?

What is Dr. Zoidbergs first name?

I enjoy the finer things in life, like bathing in the finest oils and creams. I once commissioned an opera although at the time I had never heard one before.

What planet is Zoidberg from?

I was born in a test tube and because I was left in the tube too long, my nose is a little squashed. I am very young, although I am basically a genius.

What was the name of the orphanarium where Leela grew up?

I am *technically* the oldest member of the Planet Express crew. I once moved the stars for the woman I love. I am one of the only people in the universe who can play the holophoner, and I am lacking the delta brainwave.

I once thought I was an alien, but I am in fact a mutant. I think about my parents a lot.

What was the name of the delivery company Fry worked for during most of the series?

What is the name of Professor Farnsworths pet gargoyle?

What sense does Bender have to make up for not having sense of taste?

When the Planet Express crew went on a road trip to follow Benders music tour, Zoidberg began coughing up little beads. What colour were they mainly?

In the only episode I have appeared in, I worked for the Beastie Boys Heads. I once influenced Bender's behavior so badly that he spiraled out of control and ended up finding religion.

What was the name of Zoidbergs cousin who sent him an Xmas card in "Xmas Story"?

I am married to a bureaucrat, although I was once with Barbados Slim. I have a son who is quickly following in his fathers footsteps and has a great talent for accounting.

What item was Frys good luck charm during the 20th century?

Complete this quote: "You make me feel so _______ _______."

I am a mutant from the sewers, although I do not look like it. I am often nosy and opinionated, and despite my lack of depth perception I am a successful space captain.

I am a silver human robot and I met Fry at a suicide booth.

In the series second episode, where in the solar system did Fry travel to?

Which invention wasnt created by Farnsworth?

In what month was Professor Farnsworth born?

When Zoidberg was growing up, what was his first dream job?

I was a member of the robot fraternity Epsilon Rho Rho and got to meet the legendary Bender. I went in for an upgrade to make me compatible with the new 1-X robots, but I became terrified of having it done after seeing what it did to the other robots.

What is the name of the movie that Zoidberg made with his uncle Harold?

I live a double life. In public, I am a sweet, charming lady who is always doing good things with my companies, but behind closed doors I am a bitter, mean woman who hates everything and everyone.

What was the name of Frys girlfriend in 1999?

In "Futurama", who was Al?

I am a rich sorority girl from Mars. I was once the fat girl, but I am now quite attractive. I collect lovey bears that my boyfriend buys for me, and have had cosmetic surgery in the past.

I am Frys dog from the 20th century and I waited for him outside our meeting spot, but he never returned...

What was the name of Frys son?

Who is Farnsworths role model?

I am a member of the Robot Mafia. During a Zuban Cigar Heist, my name was almost given to Bender when he outshined me on the job.

What was the name of the woman Zoidberg tried to woo in "Why Must I Be A Crustacean In Love"?

I have only appeared in a few episodes and am from the same time as Fry. He and I once tried to go to the year 4000 together, but just ended up in the desert in California.

In "War is the H Word" what did Fry do that made everyone call him a coward?

What was the number on Leelas jersey when she played for the New New York Mets?

I have been the ruler of an entire planet, and I have also been the God of an entire civilization. I like to steal things, and love to cook although I am not very good at it. I once had a building named after me, and had a statue of myself built so that I would be remembered.

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