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According to Dr. Thomas, what time is it in Moscow when its five in Seattle?

Who does Cristina stab with an epi?

In season 6 in the episode "Sanctuary", who was the second doctor that got shot?

Who was Dr. McDreamy?

This actress has portrayed Alexandra Grey on Grey's Anatomy', starting in season 3. Who is she?

Which intern paid off her debts with money she earned by modeling?

What tragic event happens to Cristina on her wedding day in season three?

Viewers were left in suspense at the end of the fifth season when George OMalley and Izzie Stevens, both patients at the time, both flatlined as their friends frantically tried to save them. What was the outcome, as shown in the sixth season premiere, "Good Mourning"?

In the season opener, viewers were introduced to Owen Hunt, a military doctor. He ended up saving Cristina Yangs life when she was involved in a freak accident. What happened?

In season 1 we are introduced to several of the doctors significant others. Which significant other is never seen or referred to in the first season?

Who does Meredith Grey date throughout the first five seasons (on/off relationship)?

In the episode "Dream A Little Dream Of Me," what was the name of the ball that the three females were going to?

Who was nominated for a Harper Avery?

What kind of animal did Izzie save in the season opener?

What was the colour of Izzies dress that she picked for the prom?

Who did Meredith not see in her after life?

Whats Dr. Burke's first name?

Who first said that they thought George was gay?

What was the name of Merediths mother?

What sentence is said by Meredith at the end of episode 23 ("Readiness is All")?

Who does Jackson kick out of his OR because he cant concentrate?

On season 8 in the episode "Flight", what did Cristina keep telling Meredith?

How many times was Derek married before he married Meredith?

Who played Addison Montgomery?

This actress portrays a character in Grey's Anatomy' who was selected to be chief resident by Dr. Owen Hunt on the season 7 finale. Who is she?

Who was Merediths mother?

In season 5, Derek is having a hard time dealing with killing a pregnant woman and wont get off of the sofa. Whose cereal is he eating?

Merediths father returned this season in "Tainted Obligation", and he needed something from Meredith. A big something - what kind of organ transplant did Meredith and her father, Thatcher, undergo?

In this season, a woman died because of a doctors lack of attention. Which doctor caused her death?

What hospital department did the residents experience for the first time this season, and enjoyed visiting there?

Later on in the first season, Derek finally gives in to Merediths ultimatum "I want facts and until I get them my pants are staying on!" One piece of information he gives her about himself is his favourite flavour of ice-cream. What is it?

This pair is the first girl/girl relationship there is in the show. The relationship starts in season four and ends in season five. The two are: Callie Torres and ________?

In what episode did Cristina and Dr. Hunt first kiss?

Which intern died during the season premiere?

Who died in "Let the Truth Sting"?

One task Cristina was given was to find a male leg that had been amputated following an accident. She returned triumphant with the wrong leg, a ladys leg! What colour was the nail varnish?

What was the nickname George received from the other interns in the first season?

What is Dr. Derek Shepherds nickname?

Merediths mom suffered from which debilitating disease?

What surgery kills Merediths med school professor?

In which episode do Meredith and Derek take Zola back?

In season 2 in episode "Losing My Religion", who unexpectedly died after his/her heart suddenly stopped?

Who did Richard turn over his job to when he stepped down as chief in season 8?

What was one of Merediths half sisters named?

Which actress played the role of Hannah, a paramedic that appeared in the season 2 episode "As We Know It"?

What happened to Meredith during the episode in which a shooter entered the hospital to take revenge on the doctors?

After what event does Erica Hahn decide to leave Seattle Grace?

At the beginning of the sixth season, Seattle Grace Hospital merged with Mercy West Hospital, and suddenly the residents and interns had to compete to keep their places in the program. While everyone was terrified of being fired, a victim of a big hotel fire died when she shouldnt have, and the hospital launched an inquest to find the doctor who was to blame. Who ended up being fired for this error?

In this season, Owen brought a new surgeon to Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital. Who is he/she?

In this season, Dr. Bailey was involved with trying to pull off a "domino surgery". What was involved in this procedure?

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