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One of my favorite episodes is "The Movie". Our heroes(?) were supposed to go see a movie together, but nothing is ever easy in the "Seinfeld" universe and it all becomes a chain of mix-ups and poor decisions. Jerry seems to get it worse than the rest, because he doesnt only miss the movie, but also two sets he was due to play that night. Well, he actually ends up at the movies, not with the gang, but with an annoying fellow comedian. What was his name?

Susan Ross died from licking toxic envelopes, but why was she engaged in such a task?

What brand of golf ball does George pull out of the whales blow hole?

"Seinfeld" (1989-1998) was purported to be a TV show about nothing but that was not the case. In 2014, Jerry Seinfeld in a web interview put the matter to rest by definitively stating what the show was really about, which was?

In one episode Jerry agreed to wear a particular article of clothing for an interview by Bryant Gumbel on "The Today Show". What was it?

In the episode "The Masseuse", what is the name of Georges girlfriend?

In the "Alternate Side", who is the guy that moves the cars from one side of the street to the other, so that people dont get parking tickets?

What are the names of Georges horses at his fictitious home in the Hamptons?

In "The Pony Remark", according to Jerry, what are ponies not used for?

Other than Jerry, who uttered the words "Hello Newman"?

Which television star never played one of Jerrys romantic interests?

In "The Movie", we get treated to some wacky descriptions of each of the gang members as theyre trying to meet up at the two cinemas. All four members get their own description, but only one of them is described by a cinema clerk. Who?

Who or what is called "Golden Boy"?

"Seinfeld" never followed the traditional character development of sit-coms. Principal writers Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld had a mantra that grounded every piece of writing with the show. What was it?

Why did George want to name his first born child "Seven"?

In "The Cigar Store Indian", what type of sandwich does Kramer, Jerry, and Elaine get on the subway?

What name does Joel Rifkin think is in association with a guy who buys irregular underwear?

In the episode "The Race", what is the name of Jerrys old high school nemesis?

In "The Visa", Jerry didnt want to go to Isabella's restaurant because he said that it was too what?

On which day of the week did Jerry take over Newmans mail route?

What was the name of the clown in the episode "The Fire"?

"The Understudy" features a cameo by Bette Midler. We learn that Kramer is a huge fan of hers, and we also learn that her favorite flavor of Italian ice is...what?

In the season 6 episode "The Pledge Drive", what does Mr. Pitt eat with a knife and a fork?

What conversation is had between George and Jerry in the pilot episode and "The Finale"?

Most sit-coms involve a plot and a subplot in the their half hour duration. Typically how many plots run concurrently on one Seinfeld show?

Who died from licking envelopes?

In "The Limo", what basketball team match-up did George and Jerry think they had tickets to?

Why does George put his hand in the tip jar at Piesanos in "The Calzone"?

In the episode "The Frogger", Kramers old pal helps George save his high score on his machine. What is the nickname for this old pal?

In the episode "The Old Man", Kramer and Newman attempt to sell used records at what establishment?

In "The Subway" what word was Elaine asked to explain the meaning of?

What food was thrown at George at the end of the episode where the gang goes to the Hamptons?

In the season 8 episode "The Checks", Elaine dates a boyfriend who is obsessed with the song "Desperado". She tries to take a similar liking to what other song, much to her boyfriends disliking?

What is the name of Elaines boyfriend whose name she wants to change because it is the same as a serial killer?

As well as the four leads, one of the reasons "Seinfeld" was so successful was the strong recurring cast. From the characters below, who was seen in the least number of episodes over the nine seasons of the show?

What was Festivus?

What actor did Todd Gack think was in "Star Wars"?

After how many dates is a face-to-face break-up required?

Lloyd Braun is played by how many actors?

Kramer ruined a washing machine by filling it with concrete mix. Kramer estimated the monetary damage to be about _____? These critical data are to be found in "The Revenge".

Babu Bhatts brother does not like Snapple because it's too what?

Jerry suggested that Elaine replace the sable hat George lost with a rat hat. Who told him where to find a rat hat?

What are the names of the hostile male couple that confront Kramer in "The Soup Nazi"?

Even the guest actors were extremely well-cast. Many had whole episodes built around them. Which one of the four options got the last word (literally) with the retort "Theyre real and they're spectacular."

In "The Marine Biologist", what is the name of Golden Boys son?

What is Newmans moniker when he is hired to eat the muffin stumps?

Who is the guy who found the dating loop-hole?

In "The Stall", after having his face destroyed during an ill-advised outing with Kramer and George, Tony told George to do what?

Kramer bought blue jeans that were much too tight. What brand of jeans did he purchase?

Who did Elaine get to translate what her manicurist was saying about her?

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