Silicon Valley Trivia

Silicon Valley trivia with 35 available questions. Each new game questions are randomized to make sure every game is unique!

Silicon Valley
35 Available questions

Available Questions

Each game your questions will randomized

What is Pied Piper?

Gavin Belson originally offered how much to buy Pied Piper?

At TechCrunch Disrupt, Jared was on what drug?

What bank chain was Carver notorious for hacking in the past?

How did Erlich originally come to own 10% of Pied Piper?

People often incorrectly believe Jared has what type of health issue?

Gilfoyle was an undocumented immigrant from what country?

Where did Richard first meet Peter Gregory?

Gilfoyle subscribes to what religion?

Who was cut from the original Pied Piper Cap Table?

What is the name of the test that measures the performance of lossless compression software?

Gavin said he hired which famous singer to preform at TechCrunch?

How did Peter Gregory die?

What was in Erlich's garage when the police showed up to address neighbors' complaints about the obscene mural on the garage door?

How much did Erlich agree to pay Chey for the mural?

AOL offered Russ Hanneman $1.2 billion for what?

What kind of implant does Russ Hanneman have?

Big Head was promoted to what position in season 2?

What is Jared's real name?

What language does Jared speak in his sleep?

It's illegal to have what type of pet in California?

What was Erlich's nickname in college?

Which middle-out compression company tricked Pied Piper into revealing their algorithms?

Richard interviewed for a CTO position at what company?

How much severance did Hooli offer Big Head?

In what episode of season 3 was Jack fired as CEO of Pied Piper?

Which venture capital firm was Pied Piper's main funder in seasons 1-3?

Where is Monica from?

Who did Richard choose to replace Erlich on Pied Piper's board?

After Pied Piper's seemingly successful launch, Richard and Erlich participated in an interview with what TV news network?

How much money did Gavin burn through on the Nucleus and End Frame projects?

Where were Jack Barker and Gavin Belson both headed, when they crossed paths while preparing to board their respective private jets?

Richard offered Erlich what position after learning Erlich had been forced to sell all of his shares of Pied Piper?

In a promotional video, Pied Piper was compared to what type of furniture?

Laurie threw a party to celebrate what milestone number of Pied Piper installs?