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South Park
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What are the first names of Stan Marshs parents?

I have found that sometimes laughter is the best antidote. Which character from "South Park" is hidden in this sentence?

What religion did Kyle Broflovski practice?

Who is aware of Kennys deaths?

This celebrity appeared in the episode "Big Gay Als Big Gay Boat Ride" and in the movie "South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut". Name the celebrity.

This little boy caused quite a fuss in town when he prophesied the coming of his father to South Park. What is this boys name?

Which "South Park" character had a colonoscopy at the age of five?

What is Butters real name?

Whose hand is Mr. Hat usually seen on?

Hi Tom, here is some breaking news. A little boy died last night as a result of an accident at a local theme park. The owner is reported as saying that he died all the time anyway. The family is suing the owner, who is already delinquent in back taxes. South Park News, a midget in a bikini reporting.'

What is the name of Stans dog, who makes his appearance in an early season one episode?

He is very fat.

What is the first Marklar to arrive on Earth eaten by?

Which character wears a blue hat with a red pom-pom on it?

What is the name of the kid that once trained with Cartman to be a Sumo wrestler?

What is the name of Stan Marshs gay dog?

It will take much effort to pull the wagon up that hill. Which character from "South Park" is hidden in this sentence?

What were the first names of Kyle Broflovskis parents?

What is Kennys sister's name?

This actor voiced Mr. Garrisons substitute teacher, Ms. Ellen, in the episode "Tom's Rhinoplasty". Name the actor.

In the second season, the class is taken on a field trip to the "Planearium", unbeknownst to them that the director is trying to brainwash anyone who views the show, making them return to work as a volunteer. Who is the director?

Eric Cartman ground which "South Park" characters parents into chili?

How much did Stephen, Butters father, try to sell Butters to Paris Hilton for?

What is Mr. Hats outfit?

In the "South Park" episode "Best Friends Forever", what does Kenny buy before everyone else does?

Yes, we're just getting reports that a kid in an orange hood, who it appears had recently befriended a notorious criminal, has been shot by a SWAT team. Remember to eat Snacky Smores.'

Which "South Park" character once had a pet elephant?

She is Stans ex-girlfriend.

What is the name of the missionary that runs the temple we first see Marvin at in Ethiopia?

Which character wears a green hat, and is also Jewish?

What was the name Stan Marshs girlfriend at South Park Elementary?

After she filled her shopping cart, Mandy went to the register. Which character from "South Park" is hidden in this sentence?

At what sport was Kyle Broflovski believed to be the best player at South Park Elementary?

When Kenny dies, what does Kyle almost always say?

In the episode "Rainforest Schmainforest", which female celebrity voiced the character Miss Stevens, a traveling choir teacher who takes the kids on a tour of a Costa Rican rainforest?

In the episode "The Succubus", Chef quits his job at the school because of his new girlfriend and potential wife, until the boys discover that she is a mind-controlling beast. What is her name?

Which "South Park" characters parents use to own a local coffee shop?

During Season 2, Mr. Hat goes mysteriously missing. Who replaces Mr. Hat temporarily?

In the episode "Volcano," what was the first thing Kenny did to impress Jimbo?

There's not much to report here, except that a young man who mumbles a lot has survived several perilous exploits in order to see the end credits for the only time this series. However, one of his friends caused a row because his mother didn't want him to be in a school play. Did you get that?'

She loves her little "Poopsykins".

Who wears a light blue hat and is really fat?

After refusing to vote for a new school mascot, what group did Stan Marsh join?

I cant believe she wore those tacky leg warmers to the gym. Which character from "South Park" is hidden in this sentence?

In the "South Park" episodes "Coon 2: Hindsight", "Mysterion Rises" and "Coon vs. Coon & Friends", what was the superhero alter-ego of Kyle Broflovski?

Who is Kennys first girlfriend in the series?

In "Scott Tenorman Must Die", this band appeared towards the end of the episode in South Park, only to see Scott Tenorman crying. What band was this?

During the meteor shower in Season 3, Kyle brings Kenny to Jewbiliee, where Moses appears to the Jew scouts demanding arts-and-crafts to honor him. This is thwarted by Garth, an elder of the Anti-Semetic Jews, who summons his God. What is the name of this God?

"Lu lu lu, I got some apples,.." is which "South Park" characters favorite song?

When Kyle, Stan, and Cartman tell him hes lame, Butters becomes outraged and forges a new identity for himself, an alter ego. Who does he become?

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