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Star Wars
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To which bounty hunter does Darth Vader warn that Han and his friends must not be disintegrated, to which the bounty hunter replies, "As you wish..."?

The Empire started out in the brain of a Sith Lord, who went by the name Palpatine. He was called the Emperor in the original three episodes. What was the proper name of this Sith?

In Episode I,' what did Yoda discover that Anakin possessed, that may lead him to the Dark Side?

In which battle did Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker fly a rescue mission to save Supreme Chancellor Palpatine, who had been captured by General Grievous during the Separatists invasion?

In "Attack of the Clones", who says "Oh, not good"?

Throughout the prequel trilogy, Anakin Skywalker is called a two-word title in reference to the Jedi prophesy that he would "bring balance to the force". What is this title?

Which space battle did Darth Vader personally fly in?

In which movie did Han Solo and Luke Skywalker free Princess Leia from the Death Star?

(The phrases in need of translation are written in capital letters.) May the Force be with you as you play this quiz - just make sure to avoid THE perilous FACET OF LIGHTING CONDITIONS AFTER SUNSET. The Sith may welcome you into their ranks; but as Jedi Master Yoda warned young Anakin, and as Darth Vader knows so well, "Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering."

In which movie did the famous Battle of Hoth take place?

How many actors hold the distinction of being credited in all six movies?

Which planet is Princess Leia from?

In which "Star Wars" movie does Liam Neeson play Qui-Gon Jinn?

What famous person played a minor (really minor) role in "Episode 1: The Phantom Menace"?

What does Yoda tell Anakin in "Episode 1" is the path to the Dark Side?

Who was the Director of Photography for the movie "The Phantom Menace"?

When Master Yoda told Anakin Skywalker, "I sense much fear in you", it foreshadowed his future development into which evil Sith Lord? This took place in "Phantom Menace."

Where is the Council Chambers located?

In "Episode IV (A New Hope)", who is the first character to talk?

In "A New Hope," the hologram message that Leia sent to Obi-Wan via R2 said that Obi-Wan served Leias father during the Clone Wars. Who is the person Leia was referring to, and what actor played him in "Attack of the Clones?"

"Episode 6": Who is Luke Skywalkers twin sister?

What planet, never previously mentioned in a "Star Wars" movie, is invaded by the Trade Federation in "The Phantom Menace"?

ANH' - When flying down the trench, one Rebel pilot estimates the number of gun towers in the trench. How many turbolaser towers did the pilot estimate?

Which wasnt seen at Jabba's Palace or his space craft?

Who trained Obi-Wan Kenobi?

Who played Lando Calrissian in Episodes 5 and 6?

Whats the name of the starship which was captured by a Star Destroyer at the very beginning of 'A New Hope'?

What year was The Empire Strikes Back' first released into theaters?

Why was Jar Jar Binks banished from the company of other Gungans?

How tall was the actor that played Chewbacca?

How many lights are on the wingtips of an X-Wing fighter?

Who was rebuked with I find your lack of faith disturbing.'?

What is the name of the protocol droid' who first approaches the two Jedi in the opening scene of Episode I?

Over which planet was Princess Leias ship flying when she was attacked by an Imperial Star Destroyer and Vader?

The basis for the Empires army was an army of clones, originally built for the Republic. From what planet did these clones come?

In Episode I', what was it that Anakin possesed that made Qui-Gon Jin think that he was special?

In which battle did the Gungan army fight Trade Federation droid forces on the grassy plains while Queen Amidala infiltrated the palace?

In "Return of the Jedi", who says "You want this, dont you?"

Threepio often expresses a low opinion of the Wookie, Chewbacca, in "The Empire Strikes Back." Just after Chewie chokes Lando and Threepio apologizes for the Wookies actions, what insult does the droid say that not only insults Chewbacca, but all Wookies?

In "The Phantom Menace", Captain Panaka objects to Qui-Gons plan to land on Tatooine to repair the queen's star ship, because the planet is controlled by the Hutts. "You can't take her highness there! The Hutts are ____!" What word is missing?

Who used the Millennium Falcons turrets when it was being pursued through an asteroid field in "Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back"?

In which movie did we see the Speeder Bike chase on Endor?

Every saga has a beginning - that of "Star Wars" could have been called THE ILLUSORY THREATENER. Although, the shadowy figure referred to in the title is, rather than something of the supernatural as the real title suggests, using holograms and cowls to hide his real identity.

In which movie did Anakin Skywalker win the famous Boonta Eve Podrace?

How many characters (not actors) appear in every one of the six movies?

What is the setting of the "Star Wars" movies?

In which "Star Wars" movie do we first meet Jango Fett?

In "The Phantom Menace", who portrayed Anakins mother, Shmi Skywalker?

Mace Windu had a viewing screen in which he told Anakin to predict the objects on the screen. He tested Anakin on three specific objects. In chronological order, what were these? All appeared in "Episode 1".

Who was the oldest on the Council?

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