That 70s Show Trivia

That 70s Show trivia with 24 available questions. Each new game questions are randomized to make sure every game is unique!

That 70s Show
24 Available questions

Available Questions

Each game your questions will randomized

Who is the stupidest character on the show?

Who is the star of the show as Eric Forman?

How many members are there in the gang?

Who is the skinny one?

Who is Erics older sister?

Who is Jackies second boyfriend?

Who is the foreign exchange student?

Who dated Casey Kelso?

Who wants to be the police officer?

Which member of the gang dated Nina?

Where do the characters live?

For whom did Kitty feel sorry because he had no parents?

Who is Donnas father?

Which member of the gang ran away to California to be with her mother?

Which character is bossy?

Who are the producers?

Whose mother is a nurse?

Who are Erics parents?

Who is considered to be stuck-up and rich?

Which character is a conspiracy theorist?

Who did Kelso have a baby with?

Which two members of the gang kissed in a movie theater?

Why is Fez called Fez?

Who had a cat named Mr. Bonkers until Eric ran him over?