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There are versions of "The Office" in a few different countries. What is the French version called?

What sort of shoes does Clark suggest Andy should buy for Erin to wear to the newscaster audition he will be filming for her in his apartment?

During his embarrassing Dundie award presentation, Michael covers a number of popular songs. To whom is Michael presenting a Dundie award when he sings along to "You Sexy Thing" by 70s British funk band Hot Chocolate?

In the episode "Diversity Day", workers in the office undergo a training program on diversity. What is the reason for this needing to happen?

In "The Alliance" episode, Michael is asked by Oscar to donate to his nephews walkathon for a charity. How much money does Michael donate, not realizing that the donation is per mile and not a flat amount?

What is Michael Scotts middle name?

This character became Jims love interest after he moved to the Stamford branch in season three and joined the Scranton office during the merger. Who left the office to run her own branch when she discovered that Jim was still in love with Pam?

In the episode "Basketball", who does Michael say is on the team, of course'?

In the very first scene of "The Office", Michael asks Jim how things are going at which public place?

Which other television show does NOT have an actor from their show guest star on "The Office"?

In Season 2, episode 5 ("Halloween"), what is the name of the person who was fired?

Michael especially seems to try and find love in the work place, dating both his boss, Jan, and Holly, the Human Resources representative. However, he does briefly date his realtor after purchasing a condominium. What is the name of his one-time girlfriend, who is forced to suffer through a series of Michaels mishaps?

What county in Pennsylvania is Dunder Mifflin Scranton branch located?

In the "Fun Run" episode, what objects in Angelas freezer convinced her that Dwight had killed her cat?

What is the web address of Creeds blog?

In the episode "Diwali", Michael eats some Indian food and spits it out because he thought it was what?

In "Take Your Daughter to Work Day", Michael showed a video of a television show he was in as a child. Who was the other child in the show that grew up to be a weather man?

What is the exclusive club that Pam, Oscar, and Toby establish in the episode "Branch Wars"?

Where does the show take place?

In the "Café Disco" episode, Creed gives a miniature crystal disco-ball to Michael for use at Café Disco. As he gives the ball to Michael, Creed mentions that its absence will cause a problem for him (Creed). What is that problem?

What substance does Jim put office supplies owned by Dwight and Andy into?

The actor who plays quality-assurance man Creed Bratton is in fact named Creed Bratton in real life. He was also in a band that was popular in the late 1960s and 1970s. Which band was it?

Who does Jim have a crush on and reveals his crush to at the end of Season 2?

In "Basketball" (season 1, episode 5), who commits the "flagrant, personal, intentional foul" that causes Michael to end the game?

In "Gay Witch Hunt", the office found out that Oscar was gay. In what earlier episode did Oscar say something that made him seem to be the exact opposite, or "straight"?

Whose funeral does Kelly say was the saddest ever?

When Michael burns his foot on the George Foreman grill and then asks the employees who else has had a legitimate disability, who replies that as a teenager he or she was once in an iron lung?

Where did Michael get his "Worlds Best Boss" mug?

In "Health Care", what does Dwights temporary office sign say?

What is the name of the employee who started out as "the temp" in the office?

What is the name of the paper company where "The Office" takes place?

Rainn Wilson did not originally audition for the part of the iconic beet farming Dwight Schrute, instead he auditioned for which part? Apparently both the actor and character wanted to be Regional Manager!

Who said they "felt terrorized" when the office members gathered in the conference room and recounted the details of Dwight discharging a gun?

In "The Fire", the fourth episode of the second season, what is Michaels ringtone?

Dwight owns and runs a farm in his spare time. What does this farm primarily produce?

On Michaels birthday Kevin gets a medical scare when he discovers he may have skin cancer. Jim and Pam decide to buy Kevin some of his favorite things to make him feel better including M&Ms, sixty-nine cup of noodles, and what movie that he let Creed borrow and will likely never get back?

He once suggested that his middle name was "Danger", but what is Dwight Schrutes actual middle name?

Early in the series he was laid-off due to corporate mandated downsizing. Name this minor character that Michael was convinced by Creed to lay off instead of Creed?

In the episode "The Dundies", Michael tells a lot of horrible jokes and sings a lot of songs. What is his Asian characters name?

What is the amount of rules that male Shrutes had to learn?

Jim also has a history of picking up women at work, dating fellow employee Karen and later dating and marrying co-worker Pam. He also dates a purse saleswoman who visits Dunder Mifflin,. What is the name of this saleswoman, who dates Jim in parts of the first two seasons?

In the episode "The Client", the employees were reading Michaels movie script. Which employee read the part of Goldenface?

At Jim and Pams wedding in the "Niagara" episode, what was Kevin wearing on his feet?

In the episode "Fun Run", what is Daryl doing while Michael is giving his speech at the beginning of the race?

What type of chips do Jim and Karen search for all day in "Grief Management"?

In the episode "Dinner Party", who does Dwight offer some of his beet salad to?

What does Jim use to make Dwight salivate in "Phyllis Wedding"?

Jim left Scranton for where?

What did Jim buy for $20 at a flea market, which sends Dwight on a hunt from the back of his computer all the way up a telephone pole?

Also in the first season, Amy Adams guest-stars in the "Hot Girl" episode. What product does Michael Scott allow her to sell from the conference room?

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