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Where is Groundskeeper Willie from?

Who believes kissing Hans Moleman is like kissing a peanut?

Disco Stus first appearance was at a big rummage sale. What episode did this take place in?

What sort of music is Murphy associated with?

Which member of the Simpson family did Mrs. Krabappel try to pick up at Moes Tavern?

"The Presidents ____ is Missing"

What year did Jebediah Springfield found Springfield?

When Professor Frink used his gas chromatograph to analyze the secret ingredient in the "Flaming Moe" what was the result?

What is the name of Comic Book Guys comic store?

What song does Willie sing when he auditions for "The Be Sharps?"

What does Hans Moleman drive?

What does Disco Stu have in his platform shoes?

What is the name of his law office, situated in the Springfield Mall?

In "Moaning Lisa", which bar did Murphy play in?

Again at Moes Tavern, Edna tried to date a drummer from a famous band. From which band was the drummer?

"Good-Time Slim, Uncle ______, and the Great Frisco Freak-Out"

What was Jebediah Springfields real name?

When Professor Frink invents the "Gamble-Tron 2000" what team does it pick to win, and by how many points?

Who did Comic Book Guy date for a short while?

What animal that escaped from Krustylu Studios did Willie battle with in the school halls?

While high on ether, Mr. Burns confuses Moleman with the mascot for what cereal?

At the Civil War re-enactment, we see Disco Stu rollerblading around. He does the "John Travolta pose", and then says "The South will boogie again!" What Civil War patriot was he supposed to be?

According to the fourth "Treehouse of Horror" special, what does Lionel Hutz promise if your case is not won in thirty minutes?

What is the title of Murphys only released album?

Bart once plotted revenge against his teacher for confiscating his yo-yo. He fixed her up with a pen-pal date. What was the name of Ednas pen-pal?

"The ______ Adventures of Hercules"

What was Jebediah Springfields tongue made from?

What was Professor Frinks idea for rescuing Timmy O'Toole from the well?

What size is the "Ultimate Belt" that Comic Book Guy won as a door prize?

What animal does Willie chase through the ventilation shafts of Springfield Elementary School?

Hans Moleman wheels a cart of books into a prison cell, one of which is entitled "How To Tunnel Out of Prison". Who is he wheeling this cart in to?

Who has a jacket with "Disco Stu" written in rhinestones?

What is the name of Hutzs character in the play "A Streetcar Named Desire", as shown in the episode "A Streetcar Named Marge"?

Who provided the voice of Bleeding Gums Murphy?

Edna once dated a master chef from a Japanese diner. What was the name of the diner where the chef worked?

"They Came to ______ Carnegie Hall"

What is Professor Frinks I.Q.?

In the Treehouse Of Horror' episode where Bart and Lisa gain super powers, what is Comic Book Guy's evil alias?

In which Halloween short does Willie become the groundskeeper of a mountain hotel?

In the episode "The Springfield Connection", Hans Moleman is sent to the chair for execution. Why does this occur?

Complete this Disco Stu line: "Did you know that disco record sales were up ____ for the year ending 1976? If these trends continue... AAY!"

In "Treehouse of Horror IV", we see Hutz combing his hair with what utensil?

Who is Murphys younger brother?

Edna finally settled down with a man she can depend on, Seymour Skinner. Where did Seymour propose to Edna?

"Give My _______ to Broadway"

When Jebediah founded Springfield what was NOT one of the things that he wanted to devote his life to?

What invention did Professor Frink submit to Grandpa Simpson in hopes of getting his money for funding?

In the episode featuring the "Springfield Marathon" what superhero did Comic Book Guy dress as?

Willie ends Homers long harassment mix-up with a tape proving his innocence. Who else do we see on the tape?

A morgue technician confuses a quite alive Hans Moleman for what dead relative?

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