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The Walking Dead
149 Available questions

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What is RJs full name?

Who was the leader of the Highwaymen?

Where is the home base of the Wolves located?

The Sanctuary, which was the headquarters of the Saviors, was located in what abandoned facility?

Where was Terminus located?

What was Woodbury, originally?

What does CDC stand for, and where was it located in "The Walking Dead"?

Where was the prison camp located?

For Ricks group, the Greene Family Farm served as a base for which activity?

The Atlanta Survivor Camp was established somewhere outside the city of Atlanta, Georgia. Where was it located?

Around what was the Kingdom built?

Alexandria was first built as a planned community in the suburbs of what major city?

In which state was the Hilltop located?

While the group was searching for Sophia, he asked, "Am I the only one zen around here? Good Lord!"

In the first episode, after Glenn saves Rick from the tank, Glen says that he is a _____ kinda guy; what kind?

What is the name of RJs adoptive sister?

When does a member of the Scavengers first spy Rick?

What letter do the Wolves carve into the foreheads of their victims?

Who were the leaders of Terminus?

How many people were living at the CDC when Ricks group entered it?

Who shows up on a horse to bring Lori to the Greene Family Farm after Carl is shot?

What happened to the husbands, fathers, and elder sons of the women of Oceanside?

What was the profession of Deanna Monroe before she became the leader of the Alexandria Safe-Zone?

What was at the center of the Hilltop Colony?

The hand holding her gun trembled while she said, "Just look at the flowers."

Jaqui tells them that some buildings have a sewer system that leads out to the street. Who does Glenn take to go down into the sewer?

RJ had two half-brothers who died before he was born. What were their names?

What does Lizzie feed the walkers at the prison?

The Whisperers are introduced in which Season of "The Walking Dead"?

Where is the Highwaymens camp located?

The leader of the Scavengers goes by the name of Jadis. What is her real name?

Terminus drew people to its community by posting signs that read, "Terminus, community for all, ___ for all. Those who arrive survive." What word is missing from the blank?

What does Woodbury call Philip Blake, the man in charge?

What was the name of the CDCs main computer?

Not counting flashbacks, how many episodes of "The Walking Dead" take place at least partially on the Greene Family Farm?

Who appeared to be the de-facto leader of the Atlanta Survivor Camp when it first appeared on "The Walking Dead"?

Where did the women of Oceanside live before they moved to Oceanside?

Whom did Deanna put in charge of recruiting new members for the Alexandria Safe-Zone?

Who was the original leader of the Hilltop Colony?

After the fall of the farm, he declared, "This is not a democracy anymore."

After amputating his hand, how does Merle escape the department store?

How old was RJ when he first appeared on "The Walking Dead"?

What was the name of Lizzies father?

Alpha is the leader of The Whisperers. What is the name of Alphas daughter?

The Scavengers trade with a mysterious community that has helicopters. What do they trade in exchange for supplies?

Whose family did the Wolves kill at Shirewilt Estates in Richmond, Virginia?

Who, while on a supply run, was the first member of Ricks group to hear a scrambled broadcast on the car radio mentioning Terminus?

How many MORE people were there in Woodbury than in Ricks prison camp toward the start of season 3?

What beverage did the group share at a dinner party at the CDC?

Which Savior was in charge of making collections from the Kingdom?

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