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Trailer park boys
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What is the name of Bubbles alter ego?

What kind of gun did Cyruss father give him for graduating grade seven?

Who moved into Julians trailer in Season one, Episode one, titled "Take Your Little Gun and Get Out Of My Trailer Park"?

Who played Julian in the hit Canadian mockumentary "Trailer Park Boys"?

In which episode does Jim Lahey find the evidence he needed in Bill and Elveenas trailer to get him reinstated as an officer of the law?

The sign on the inside of the door of Bubbles shed states "Cats are just little people with _____."

What does the major scheme of season 7 involve?

What did Bubbles call the women who were in Rays truck?

Who was stealing marijuana out of a birds nest in the opening scene of this episode?

Why did Trinity take Rays liquor bottles out of Bubbles' shed?

What is the real first name of Mr.T?

What present did Ricky make for Lucy and Trinity while in he was in jail?

Commencing with the first episode of season one, we see Ricky and Julian just getting out of jail. How long had Julian and Ricky been in jail before their release?

What humble structure does Bubbles call home?

What is Randys street name when he decides to prostitute himself for cheeseburgers?

"Sam said, he would give us hot dogs when we finished putting the signs up".

What does Julian buy for Bubbles with the "Freedom 35" money?

Best friends since elementary school, which two characters devise the ultimate plan for early retirement?

What animals do Jacob and the jail cover dummies try to eat in the forest?

In addition to putting up the bail money, Julian also had a nice Christmas gift for Ricky. What was it?

What are the names of the father/daughter pair that are hocking fake bibles in the episode "The Bible Pimp"?

What did Mrs. Petersons dog Sparky eat, forcing Julian and Ricky take it to the vet?

What was the name of Julians girlfriend in the first season?

In which episode does actor Garry James, known as Detroit Velvet Smooth or D.V.S., make his debut on the show?

When Randy tells J-Roc, "He is being evicted for non-payment of lot fees", what is on J-Rocs jersey?

Where were Bubbles and Ray headed?

How much money do Cory and Trever give J-Roc so that they can make an appearance on J-Rocs CD?

What is the name of the guy who sells "Bibles"?

Who stole Lucy from Ricky while he was in con college?

In episode one, season one, we see that Ricky does not have a place to live after coming back to the trailer park, so out of kindness, Julian gives Ricky his car to live in. What kind of car does Julian give Ricky?

According to Bubbles, who is the smartest man that ever lived?

What is Bubbles deathly afraid of?

"Must be in a rock band or something, are ya?"

What did Ricky do with his share of the "Freedom 35" money?

What is this plan for early retirement dubbed?

Who does Barbara think her secret admirer is?

In this Christmas special, Jim and Barb Lahey were still married. While at a fast food restaurant, Barb found Randy, who was a male prostitute at the time. She brought him to the trailer park. What was Randy dressed as?

What does Cory spit out right before shooting at Cyrus, Dennis, and Terry in the finale of season five?

What item from the mall did Bubbles work on in order to make a living?

What is the recipe of Julians drink?

What is the name of the episode where Julian is drinking swish, eating pizza crust off the ground, and dancing with an old dirty dog behing the "King of Donair?"

When Sam Losco kidnaps Randy in the episode "Gimme My Money or Randys Dead", Jim Lahey goes and gets Ricky at Lucy's trailer. What number is on Lucy's trailer?

Who does Jacob start dressing like halfway through the season?

What did Bubbles and Ray pull over to get while driving?

Why were Officers Green and Johnson beating up Mr. Lahey?

What is Bubbles new hobby?

Who was the boys third grade teacher?

What gift Bubbles get from Ricky?

What is the name of the "Bible" guys daughter?

Ricky believes if he gets a "family man job" then he can win Lucy back. What kind of job does he take?

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